Posted by: Sunset Rentals | June 18, 2009

Bird Watching on Hilton Head

Because of the protected wetlands, Hilton Head Island is a bird watcher’s haven, and many visitors take time out to slow down and enjoy our feathered friends.

Egrets, sandpipers wood storks, sea gulls, pelicans and osprey eagles are just a few of the species you may encounter while visiting. According to the Audubon Society, there are nearly 200 species of birds that call Hilton Head home, but there have actually been more than 350 species of birds spotted on the Island in the past 10 years!

The Audubon-Newhall Preserve, which covers about 50 acres on the southern end of Hilton Head, offers bird watching tours that teach visitors about the birds of Hilton Head. To schedule a tour, call 843-671-4721.

You can also find great bird watching at the Sea Pines Forest Preserve, a 605-acre preserve with over eight miles of trails. There are self-guided tours and guided nature walks available. For more information, call (843) 363-4530.

Also check out the Pinckney Island National Wildlife Refuge. The 4,053 acre refuge includes Pinckney Island, Corn Island, Big and Little Harry Islands, Buzzard Island and numerous small hammocks, and supports a diversity of bird life, including waterfowl, shorebirds, wading birds, and raptors. For more information and directions, visit

What birds have you enjoyed seeing the most on Hilton Head? Have any photo you’d like to share?


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