Posted by: Sunset Rentals | June 24, 2009

Hilton Head Water Sports

It’s officially summer and it’s starting to get hot! If you’re visiting Hilton Head this summer, make sure to cool off with some of the many water sports offered in the area.

The waters that surround Hilton Head Island are not only some of the most pristine and beautiful found anywhere, they are ideal for water sports and activities!

For water enthusiasts, waterskiing, jetskiing, windsurfing and surfing are available. And for adventure seekers, check out spectacular views of the Island from high above the water while parasailing! The new hip water sport in Hilton Head is standup paddle boarding, which is easy to learn, a fantastic workout, and lots of fun! Standup paddle boarding allows you to explore the marshes and sandbars around Hilton Head that are not easily accessible by boats.

You can also explore the island by sailing or taking a dolphin watch or sunset cruise. Many visitors enjoy kayaking the creeks around Hilton Head, where they can come in close contact with dolphins and other marine life.

For more watersports information, contact any of these Hilton Head companies:
Schooner Welcome, 785-5566
Outside Hilton Head, 686-6996
Kayak Hilton Head, 684-1910
Vagabond Cruises, 842-4155
Spirit of Harbour Town, 842-7179
H2O Sports, 671-4386
Palmetto Bay Parasail, 785-7131
Dolphin and Nature Cruises, 681-2522
Adventure Cruises, 785-4558


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