Posted by: Sunset Rentals | August 19, 2011

Snapping the Perfect Beach Pic

One souvenir from Hilton Head guaranteed to last is a great photo. But taking photos on the beach can be tricky, so here are some great beach photography tips from Read the tips then share your best beach photos with us!

Ready for Your Close Up

Steer clear of the cliché photos, and get close. There are so many small details at the beach that make for great photos. suggests taking a close up of your child’s sandcastle, and then pairing that with a photo of your child at the beach. Since you don’t have to fit both images in one frame, the visual appeal will be greater.


Most of the images taken at the beach will include a distinct line where water meets sky, and most of us end up having that line in the middle of the photo. To make the photo more appealing, stick to the rule of thirds. Just make sure the horizon is in the bottom or top third of the beach picture instead of in the middle.


No, this isn’t a tutorial on the best frames to buy from your local craft store, but consider looking for natural frames before taking your photos. Search the beach for things that can anchor your photo and naturally place a frame around your target, such as a leaning palmetto tree.


With beach photography, timing can be everything. Despite what you may think, a bright sunny day is not the best weather for photos at the beach. Instead, when it’s slightly overcast, run out and take advantage of the lighting. Also, morning and afternoon have much better lighting than the middle of the day, so around lunch time, just play on the beach and save the camera for later!

Got any beach photography tips? Can’t wait to see your photos!

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