Posted by: Sunset Rentals | January 9, 2014

5 Reasons to Spring Break in Hilton Head

Hilton Head vacationIt’s time to start thinking about where your family will vacation on Spring Break. You’ll want to reserve your spot before all the top destinations and accommodations fill up! May we suggest Hilton Head? We think we’re the perfect spot for your Spring Break and here’s why:

1)      It’s sunny and beautiful – When you’ll be taking your spring break in March or April, our highs average in low to mid 70s, a wonderful respite from the northern states who’ve rarely cracked a 60-degree day yet! We also have a good number of sunny days every year, so the odds are it will be sunny here. If it’s rainy one day, no worries. There’s plenty of shopping and other indoor activities to keep you busy. Our azaleas are also in full bloom come spring and that’s a show worth seeing in and of itself. Keep your eyes to the side of the road as you drive in and look for the abundantly wild brightly-colored flowering bushes.

2)      There’s lots to do! There will be no “I’m bored” on a spring break here in Hilton Head, and we’ve got something to entertain a wide range of interests – most of it active to get everyone moving! Dad can golf, mom can play tennis, the kids can swim in the pool or kayak through our creeks and inlets. Everyone can get together later in the day for a dolphin cruise and then head out to dinner at one of our many great Hilton Head restaurants, offering seafood, upscale cuisine, ethnic foods and kid-friendly fare.

3)      It’s not full of rowdy college students – Here on Hilton Head Island, you won’t find beaches full of rowdy college students. We’re leaving that to Florida J. Here, you might find a few groups of college students enjoying a leisurely spring break, but it’s largely families who head down south to escape the cold and enjoy a relaxing getaway.

4)      It’s family friendly – We keep kids busy here on Hilton Head and cater to their needs. You’ll find plenty of bike seats, jogging strollers, family-friendly dining, playgrounds, entertainment and more all designed with kids in mind. You’ll feel safe and your family will have a vacation to remember in years to come.

5)      It’s not as far as Florida J – This is a biggie! How far do you want to drive? Stopping at Hilton Head can sometimes mean the difference between a one-day or two-day drive. For most of the Midwest and Northeast, you can get to our island in a day’s drive. That sure makes Mom and Dad happy, doesn’t it? Plus, you don’t lose an extra day of vacation due to the drive.

What are your reasons for enjoying spring break in Hilton Head? Let us find the perfect Hilton Head vacation home for your family with all the amenities you need from a pool to a large kitchen to plenty of bedrooms and TVs. We’ll take care of the details; you just have fun! Give us a call at 800-276-8991 or visit us at

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