Posted by: Sunset Rentals | February 4, 2014

From Alligators to Lighthouses, Children’s Books about Hilton Head Island

vacation rentalsLooking for the perfect souvenir of your vacation to Hilton Head? Bring one of these delightful children’s books home for your kids after your trip to Hilton Head. It’ll be a treasured way to remember your visit for years to come and it can even be passed down to their children.

Here are some children’s books about Hilton Head to choose from:

“The Night the Lighthouse Lost His Light” by Gregg Russell

You might recognize Gregg Russell as Harbour Town’s summer entertainment for kids. Each evening, he performs fun concerts for families by the old oak tree. In his fully-illustrated hard back book, he tells the story of Blinker, the Harbour Town lighthouse, who loses his light after a summer storm. All of his friends, including Fillmore the pelican, come to his aid. Order on Russell’s website.

“Charlie’s Perfect Day” by Kim Likins

This book will provide children with a lesson in the importance of respecting nature, especially the beautiful surroundings that make up Hilton Head Island. It follows a family of alligators as they spend time on their home island, meeting up with plenty of friends from frogs to turtles and seagulls to dolphin along the way. At the end of the book is a place for kids to write down their own special memories of Hilton Head Island. Order online.

“Bubbles & Goobz: A Trip to the Beach” by Manny Toor

In Bubbles & Goobz, Toor, who’s been vacationing with his family to Hilton Head for years, shares a humorous story of a family’s trip to the island as they pack everything but the kitchen sink! Bubbles & Goobz are the nicknames of the family’s two daughters, which also happen to be the real life nicknames of his own daughters. Each book comes personally wrapped in brown paper. Buy it at the Palmetto Dunes General Store or online.

“Great Blue Gert” by Marilyn Lorenz

You don’t have to look far on Hilton Head to see a blue heron and this charming book follows a blue heron named Gert who “adopted” Lorenz and her husband for seven years as grandparents. The Hilton Head resident tells the tale in rhyme and encourages respect for nature. Available on

We hope these wonderful books help you take a little bit of Hilton Head Island home with you!

For information about Hilton Head vacation homes, visit or call 800-276-8991.



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