Posted by: Sunset Rentals | April 1, 2014

Top 7 Best Places to Run on Hilton Head Island

Hilton Head running trailIt’s the season to get outdoors and enjoy the lovely spring weather and sunshine, and exercising is certainly a healthy and great way to do it. Why not run or jog while you’re surrounded by the beautiful natural surroundings of Hilton Head Island?

Here are our top picks for the best places to run on Hilton Head Island:

1)      The beach – Of course the beach has to top our list! With 12 miles of beach on the island, you can find plenty of places to jog while taking in the salty sea air and amazing views. Be sure to keep your eyes open for dolphins, too! Watch the tidal charts for low tide, which will be your best bet for having the most beach for running.

2)      The bridge – Many cite the bridge as the beginning of their vacation when they cross over from the mainland to the island. Enjoy running the bridge with its fantastic views following the route of the annual Bridge Run held in November.

3)      Sea Pines Forest Preserve – Stick to the paved paths within this natural area, which offers plenty of views from hanging moss and ancient shell rings to marsh grass and an assortment of wildlife and wildflowers. Here is a map of bike paths and walking trails. Note there is a $5/car fee to enter Sea Pines if you are not a guest there.

4)      Pinckney Island–Pinckney Island National Wildlife Refuge near Hilton Head offers more than 14 miles of hiking and biking trails with beautiful views of lakes, marshes, wildlife and more.

5)      Jarvis Creek Park Trail – At Jarvis Creek Park, located off William Hilton Parkway mid island, you’ll find plenty of paved walking and running trails with pathways over wetlands, a fresh water pond, meadows and even a restroom should you need it.

6)      Forts Walker and Sherman – Located in Port Royal Plantation is historic Fort Walker and Fort Sherman, which saw some of the island’s first Civil War action. Within the plantation are numerous paths which run along the beach and past these historic sites.

7)      Anywhere on the island! Hilton Head Island offers more than 50 miles of paved pathways ideal for running or biking. If the above recommendations are not near your Hilton Head vacation rental, there is surely a paved path close to you that you can hop on and head out to explore the island.

While you’re out running, be sure to understand pathway markings for safety and follow all of the island’s rules and regulations. You can get a list of those and some great trail maps on the Town of Hilton Head Island’s website.

Happy trails!

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