Posted by: Sunset Rentals | July 15, 2014

5 Activities for Little Kids on Hilton Head Island

Activities for young kids Hilton HeadNew parents or parents of little ones, we’ve got the perfect family vacation for you: Hilton Head Island! Our beautiful island is a great spot for all ages, included the youngest among us. Here are 5 activities for little kids on Hilton Head Island:

1)      Bike ride with Mom and  Dad – On Hilton Head Island, you will find more than 50 miles of paved bike paths, making it a smooth – and pretty – ride for all passengers. While kids younger than 1 may not be able to tag along on a bike quite yet, the rest can join in the fun on a bike seat, kiddie cart or tag-a-long, depending on the ages. Be sure to take everyone on a beach bike ride for beautiful views and a good workout for Mom or Dad! You can rent a bike right here.

2)      Crabbing – Crabbing is a fun sport for all ages, because it’s really quite simple and so fun to catch a crab! Simply head to one of our marshes or creeks, tie a chicken neck or fish head onto string or rope and toss in the water. Feel a tug? Reel ‘em in! Just remember that in South Carolina you can only keep crabs that are at least 5 inches at the points.

3)      Playing in the tide pools – While the ocean may be a bit intimidating yet for the younger set, the tidal pools are just right! They’re extra warm from the sun and are usually shallow enough for young kids to play. Always stay with your children around water, however, as kids can drown in just inches of water.

4)      Collecting shells – Send little Susie on a hunt to collect the most seashells! We bet she’ll find a bundle, maybe even enough to fill her beach bucket. You can find a variety of shells on Hilton Head, including angel wings and the lettered olive, the state shell. Just be sure to leave any shells with live creatures alone.

5)      The Sandbox – If it rains or you want a day out of the sun, try the Sandbox located at 18A Pope Avenue. Kids can run around while learning about the Lowcountry. Let them build a “magic” sand castle, take a gander at their saltwater aquarium and fly a play plane.

What do your youngest kids like to do when they come to Hilton Head Island?

For more information about Hilton Head vacation homes, visit or call 800-276-8991.


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