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Best Birding Spots on Hilton Head Island

Hilton Head vacation rentals

Photo courtesy of Larry Watts

Hilton Head Island with its many preserved natural areas is a wonderful place for birding. According to the Hilton Head Audubon Society, you can spot more than 200 bird species here.

But where do you go to find our feathered friends? Ponds, marshes, lagoons, golf courses, beaches and docks are all good spots – just be sure to respect private property signs. The Audubon Society also offers their favorite birding spots in the area. They include:

Sea Pines Forest Preserve – A designed Important Birding Area (IBA) in South Carolina, the Forest Preserve is located on the south end of the island within Sea Pines and does require a $5 fee to enter. There you’ll find more than 600 acres of trails, forests, lakes and more to look for birds.

Fish Haul Creek Park – This park, off US 278, has a boardwalk and trails with the best birding late summer through early spring. Walk the beach and mud flats to spot many varieties of heron, gull, shorebirds and tern.

Pinckney Island National Wildlife Refuge – Just west of Hilton Head Island is Pinckney Island National Wildlife Refuge, which has 4000 acres and 14 miles of trails. You’ll also find saltmarsh, forest, freshwater ponds and more. See spring and fall migrations, shorebirds and wading birds and nested Painted Buntings.

Savannah National Wildlife Refuge – Further south of Hilton Head Island is the Savannah National Wildlife Refuge, about 22 miles away. It offers the biggest expanse with 26,000 acres. You’ll find the best birding in winter when you’ll see ducks, wading birds and migrants.

Where do you go for birding on Hilton Head Island? Any secret spots you want to share?


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