Posted by: Sunset Rentals | January 2, 2015

5 Hilton Head Island Style New Year’s Resolutions

Hilton Head vacation rentalIt’s that time of year again — time to review what you did and didn’t like about last year and what changes you’d like to make for the year ahead. You’ve got a blank slate to fill it with whatever you’d like!

Here are 5 New Year’s resolutions that fit within the island life here on Hilton Head:


  • Play more golf – We are the “golf island” afterall, so it’s plenty reasonable to resolve to spend more time on the golf course. It’s always a great idea to pick a specific area of your game you’d like to improve or a golf course you’ve never played. Take a look at our Hilton Head golf packages that combine accommodations with Hilton Head tee times.
  • Get outside more often – In a place as beautiful as Hilton Head Island, who wouldn’t want to get outside and enjoy Mother Nature more often? Pick what activities will inspire you to head outdoors whether it’s running, kayaking, walking or biking.
  • Be adventurous – There’s plenty of adventure to be had on Hilton Head Island! Why not try something new and daring like jetpacking over Broad Creek, parasailing, shark fishing or kite-surfing?
  • Get wet – When the warmer months of the year roll around, there’s no excuse not to enjoy all the water that surrounds us. Whether it’s a dip in the Atlantic Ocean, surfing the waves, kayaking our lagoons or fishing inshore or offshore, there’s plenty of reasons to get out on (or in!) the water.
  • Learn a new skill – Gaining a new skillset is a common New Year’s resolution and we offer many different activities you can learn here on Hilton Head Island. Why not try your hand at tennis, learn the popular sport of stand up paddleboarding or take a lesson at a local golf academy? Our many local Hilton Head fishing charters can also teach you a thing or two about how to reel in the big one!


What resolutions do you have planned for 2015?


For more information about Hilton Head vacation rentals, visit or call us at 800-276-8991.


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