Posted by: Sunset Rentals | February 13, 2015

Ode to the Azalea, a Southern Spring Tradition

Hilton Head vacation homesCome April, Hilton Head Island and Lowcountry of South Carolina is filled with color! From what? Why our beautiful flowering azalea bushes!

Drive down any Lowcountry road in spring, and you’ll see these red, pink, white and purple flowers blooming in abundance from wild bushes at every turn. It is truly a sight to behold and a wonderful time to visit Hilton Head Island.

Southern Living calls the azalea the “number one must-have plant in the South,” and we have to agree! They may get a touch wild and overgrown, but that’s how we like them — with as many beautiful blooms as possible and with as many different colors as possible.

According to Southern Living, the azalea is native to Japan and made its way to America through our city just up the road, Charleston. The largest and oldest collection can be found at Magnolia Plantation and Gardens there. Says Southern Living, the azalea now graces more homes in the lower, middle and upper south than any other shrub.

We highly recommend a visit down south in April for the azalea show. It’s something you’ll never forget. For more information about Hilton Head vacation rentals, visit or all 800-276-8991.

What’s your favorite southern flower?



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