Posted by: Sunset Rentals | May 1, 2015

Best Foods to Eat on Hilton Head Island

Hilton Head vacation rentalsWhile beaches, sun, golf and blue seas might be on your mind when visiting Hilton Head Island, don’t forget about the delicious food, as well. We have many wonderful Hilton Head restaurants to choose from on the island serving everything from fresh seafood to pizza to ethnic foods.

Here are our Top 5 Foods to Eat on Hilton Head Island:

1) Shrimp – Steamed, fried, grilled or sauteed, anyway you eat shrimp on Hilton Head Island, it’s delicious. Caught fresh off the South Carolina coast, you’ll want to eat your fill of shrimp at one of our many Hilton Head seafood restaurants. Or visit a local market and cook up your very own Lowcountry boil.

2) Boiled peanuts – South Carolina may be best known for seafood, but locals know we have some of the best boiled peanuts around. You’ll likely see stands by the side of the road, serving up this delicious treat, which are raw peanuts boiled in salty water for a long time. Be sure to stop and try it out for yourself.

3) Grits – Pair your shrimp with some of our stone ground grits. We promised you’ve never had grits like these. Incredibly creamy and rich, you’ll never think of grits as just a breakfast food again!

4) Peaches – You may have heard of the Georgia peach, but we dare say the South Carolina peach is just as good. Try your peaches in a pie, as a cobbler, in a cocktail, in a muffin or even in a salad. Sweet and fresh!

5) She Crab Soup – A famous Lowcountry dish made from fresh blue crab and heavy cream is She Crab Soup. It’s delicious and a must-have when you visit Hilton Head Island.

What are your favorite foods to eat when you visit the Lowcountry?

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